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“I have always wanted to work with Beyoncé. I wrote one of my best songs, ‘I Was Here,’ and I thought that the one artist who would be my dream to sing this would be Beyoncé. This is one of those magical stories where what is meant to be actually happens…[continued:]” - Diane Warren

In North America we’re just 4 days away from the release of Beyoncé’s 4th album, ‘4’. Today’s also the 8th anniversary of the North American release of Beyoncé’s 1st solo album, ‘Dangerously In Love’. All these numbers call for some math: how old were you when the 5-time Grammy Award-winning album was released?

“When I played Etta James it was the most I’d learned about myself until the recording of this album. When I went into the studio I used the same passion, honesty, and approach with my vocals I channeled as Etta James. It does not sound like the vocals on my past albums. It’s a lot rawer. It comes from a deep place.”

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